Medication Safety Awareness for the Blind

ScripTalk prescription reader and talking RFID labelMSAB is an initiative to keep people safe, by promoting accessible prescription labels for folks who are blind, visually impaired and print impaired. Every year, during the month of October, many individuals, groups, organizations, doctors and pharmacists participate in activities to help spread the word about large print, Braille and talking prescription labels.

MSAB month is the perfect opportunity to talk about accessible prescription labels with your patients/clients and community. Not only will these conversations help save lives, they will extend the level of your care, and expand your patient/client base.


Learn more about best practices for accommodating people who are blind/low vision

 Talk about accessible labels to find new patients/clients

  • Initiate conversations with patients/clients to identify people who need accessible labels or a family member who needs this service
  • Ask everyone if they or if someone in their family has trouble reading prescription labels (many folks with low vision or blindness have a caretaker picking up their prescriptions)
  • Identify people who may need accessible labels based on medications for Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, eye drops, etc. Send a targeted email or direct mail to these people, announcing your service

Hold in-store or in-office events and activities to promote accessible labels

  • Set up a table with staff member, demonstrating how accessible labels work
  • Stuff prescription bags with a flyer, announcing accessible labels
  • Place a ScripTalk demo unit or ScripTalk app sample bottle on your pharmacy or office counter, so people can try it for themselves while they’re waiting for prescriptions or appointment
  • Offer a workshop to help people sign up for Medicare Part D and include accessible labels during your meeting

Partner with other community organizations to raise awareness of your services

  • Present to community organizations such as Lions clubs, Kiwanis, low vision support groups, senior centers, ACB and NFB chapters and centers for independent living; these groups are often looking for helpful solutions to medication management problems
  • Attend meetings to discuss safe medication management and adherence and tips on effective communication between patient and pharmacist/doctor/caregiver
  • Hold in-store or attend events such as health fairs, low vision fairs and senior fairs to demonstrate accessible prescription labels and promote services
Advocate Info Pack for Medication Safety Awareness for the Blind

MSAB info pack may include NCD brochure, MSAB Flyer, ScripTalk Station demo unit, brochures, various sample bottles.

If you would like to participate, please sign up using the form below. You’ll receive an MSAB info pack. Please indicate which service you offer in your store. You can also request a demo unit to show customers how accessible prescription labels work. Demo units may be purchased or borrow short-term for an event.





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Medication Safety Awareness for the Blind (MSAB) info and resources:

Flyer: MSAB 2018 Flyer for Organizations

Brochure: National Council on Disability NCD Best Practices Prescription Drug Labeling

Some Accessibility Laws:

ADA and Effective Communication

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

United States Access Board Best Practices 

Thank you for your interest in advocating for the safety and well-being of people who are blind, visually and print impaired.

Once you participate in MSAB, leave feedback and inspire others to talk about accessible labels!