Prescription Readers Mandated by Nevada SB 131

Elderly woman looking at prescription bottles

A new law in Nevada aims to help visually impaired or blind residents avoid taking the wrong medicine. Nevada SB 131 mandates that all pharmacies offer for free to requesting patients prescription reading devices that read aloud the name of the drug, the name of the person it is prescribed to, and the recommended dosage.  The Act was signed in May 2017 and takes effect on January 1, 2018.

As more Americans age, the number of people with visual impairment and the demand for accessible labels increases. With the unanimous passing of SB 131, Nevada has taken a proactive stance on meeting the burgeoning need for accessible prescription labels. More states will likely follow suit.

ScripTalk prescription reader and medication bottle with talking label


En-Vision America’s ScripAbility offers accessibility solutions for pharmacies who are interested in meeting the needs of their visually impaired and blind customers. ScripAbility is one simple system offering multiple solutions: ScripTalk audible labels and prescription reader, large print labels, Braille overlays and label translation into 17 languages.


Accessibility solutions for pharmacists including prescription reader, audible labels, large print labels and Braille labels for blind and visually impaired patients


Pharmacist ScripAbility brochure

ScripAbility Information Card

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