Pharmacy Translation Solution

Meet the needs of customers with Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

ScriptAbility provides high quality translations of prescription drug label instructions and warnings in 17 languages.

  • Provide your Limited English Proficiency (LEP) customers with drug information they need to take medication safely
  • Safely meet all regulatory requirements
  • Improve customer retention and acquisition

Current Languages Available:

Albanian                                         French                              Hindi                       Portuguese

Arabic                                             German                            Hmong                    Russian

Bengali                                           Greek                               Italian                      Spanish

Bosnian                                          Gujarati                             Japanese                Tagalog

Cambodian (Khmer)                      Haitian Creole                   Korean                    Urdu

Chinese (Simplified)                       Hebrew                             Polish                      Vietnamese

Chinese (Traditional)

Need additional languages?  Let us know!

What’s legally required for LEP Customers?

Several states and local governments have passed laws concerning language services by pharmacies for LEP patients. Here are the laws for California and New York:

New York State Pharmacy Translation RequirementsNew York City Law on Provision of Translation Services in Pharmacies

California Board of Pharmacy Regulations

Additional Resources:

Recommendations from the US Access Board

Best Practices for Making Prescription Drug Container Label Information Accessible

NCD Best Practices for Prescription Drug Labeling

National Council on Disability NCD Best Practices Prescription Drug Labeling

If you would like more information on ScriptAbility’s Translation service, please call 1-800-890-1180.