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These accessible labels are available in an easy-to-access Grade 2 Braille that is on a clear adhesive that fits over the pharmacy labels. You select the data to emboss.

Braille Labels Feature:

• Easy-to-access Grade 2 Braille

• Meet guidelines of US Access Board

• Clear adhesive goes over pharmacy label

• Ideal for Braille readers

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ScriptAbility offers Braille labels as an additional solution for accessible pharmacy labels. These labels help ensure compliance and adherence for your blind and visually impaired patients who read Braille. These labels provide quick identification of medications and are often used together with ScripTalk Talking Labels for accessing all of the information on the legal label.

ScriptAbility’s Braille prescription labels meet the best practice recommendations of the U.S. Access Board:

  • Best Practices for Making Prescription Drug Container Label Information Accessible

  • National Council on Disability (NCD) Best Practices Prescription Drug Labeling

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