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Based on RFID text-to-speech technology, ScripTalk Talking Prescription Labels are designed to help you better serve your patients who are blind, visually impaired or print impaired. By using a smartphone app or a ScripTalk Station Reader, your patients can hear all their vital prescription information read out loud, including:

• Drug Name, Dosage & Instructions

• Warnings & Contraindications

• Pharmacy Information

• Doctor Name

• Prescription Number & Date

ScripTalk Talking Prescription Reader with Prescription Bottles

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*25 Languages


The ScripTalk Mobile App was designed with you in mind and is available for both iPhone and Android. Click here to learn how the App works.

You simply place a small electronic tag on their prescriptions, which is easily programmed on Windows Compatible Software (Windows 10 v1903 [19H1] and higher) and integrated with many pharmacy software programs. If you need a specific language for your patient, let us know. We have several languages available.

How effective is this solution in improving medication safety and independence for your patients? The results of an independent study speak for themselves: Almost all participants (98%) reported feeling safer taking their medications since using ScripTalk.

In 2012, the FDA Safety and Innovation Act provided a list of best practices for pharmacies to implement to ensure that patients would have a safe, private, independent, reliable and consistent access to prescription label information. ScriptAbility’s prescription labeling system helps you meet all of those needs.

ScripTalk Video

Several states have adopted laws regarding accessible prescription labels:




Puerto Rico




Recommendations from the U.S. Access Board:

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