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Introducing ScriptView Flip Extended Content Prescription Labels

For pharmacy patients who need a little extra help understanding their prescription labels, En-Vision America is launching its newest label innovation — ScriptView Flip. This extended content label doubles the label space on any medication and can be applied to any bottle and then peeled back to reveal the legal label underneath.

ScriptView Flip can be produced through ScriptAbility — a one-stop software platform for creating accessible prescription labels.

ScriptView Flip labels are available in:

  Translation features one of 25 languages, with English on the legal label below.

  Large Print features an 18-point font to give a patient better readability of the          most important information on the label.

  Controlled Substance Safety Labels clearly identify the medication as risky and        feature a QR code in the top, right hand corner that links to a safety video.

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Video Channel Name

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