Perhaps English Isn’t Your Patient’s First Language?

We are here to help you ensure your patient’s safety, adherence and independence by offering ScripTalk Talking Prescription Labels and Dual-Language/Translation Labels in 17 languages.

Multiple Languages Available for ScripTalk Talking Prescription Labels

By using a smartphone app or a ScripTalk Station Reader, your patients can hear all their vital prescription information read out loud in one of 17 available languages. En-Vision American can ship your customer a ScripTalk Station programmed in one of the available languages, or the customer can set up their ScripTalk Mobile App for their preferred language.

Information translated includes:

• Drug Name, Dosage & Instructions

• Warnings & Contraindications

• Pharmacy Information

• Doctor Name

• Prescription Number & Date

Programming the RFID label in the selected language is simple. You simply use the language drop-down menu and choose the desired language in the ScriptAbility software. En-Vision America provides simple instructions. 

For full information on how ScripTalk works, click here.

Dual Language / Translation Prescription Labels

Dual-Language Labels come in a booklet-style that you can affix to the prescription container. They feature a high contrast font in English, as well as a translation from one of 17 languages. These are ideal for patients who speak English as a Second Language or have limited English proficiency.


Learn More about Dual Language Labels & Translation

Current Languages Available for ScripTalk

& Dual-Language/Translation Labels



Chinese (Simplified)

Chinese (Traditional)




Haitian Creole










What’s Legally Required for ESL Patients?

Several states and local governments, such as the state of Oregon, have passed laws concerning language services by pharmacies for limited English proficiency patients:

Oregon SB698 (2019)

New York State Pharmacy Translation Requirements - Click to Read More

New York City Requires Prescription Label Translations - Click to Read More

California Translation Regulations for Pharmacies - Click to Read More

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