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Extended Content Labels

If your pharmacy is feeling cramped for space on your labels and you are leaving vital prescription details out, fear not! We've got the solution to your space constraints, unlocking more label real estate to ensure every piece of your prescription details is crystal clear for your patients.  Don't let limited space limit your service – ask us how we can revolutionize your prescription information delivery today!

ScriptView Includes Three Labeling Solutions:

Dual Language, Large Print and Controlled Substance Safety Labels (CSSLs) are available in a booklet-style design, affixed to the medication bottle for easy reading. These accessible labels improve medication adherence and safety for your patients who are elderly or low vision.

ScriptView Large Print Prescription Label booklet affixed to medication

How effective is this solution in improving medication safety and independence for your patients? The results of an in-house study  speak for themselves: Almost all participants (98%) reported feeling safer taking their medications since using ScriptView.

Dual Language

Dual-Language Labels

Dual Language label booklet, featuring large print, is affixed to a prescription bottle

Dual-Language Labels feature the same large high-contrast font in English, as well as a translation from one of 25 languages. These are ideal for patients who speak English as a second language or have limited English proficiency.


Click here for more information on our
Dual Language/Translation options available.

To see laws associated with requirements for ESL patients, click here.

Large-Print Labels

The Large Print Label is especially designed for your patients who have low vision or elderly. It presents all vital prescription information in an 18-point font on high-contrast, non-glare, durable media. It features all the same information on a regular label, just in larger font.

ScriptView Large Print Prescription Label booklet

You as the pharmacist, print the label, fold it and affix it to the medication. It also features a 2D bar code that can be scanned with a smartphone using the ScriptView app so your patient can audibly access the detailed drug information.

These Large Print Labels meet all the guidelines and recommendations set by the U.S. Access Board’s Working Group on Accessible Prescription Labels.

Large Print

Controlled Substance Safety Labels

A Controlled Substance Safety Label (CSSL) is a solution designed to help reduce the risk of opioid misuse by your patients by reminding them of the risks.

These labels provide easy-to-understand audible and visual access to prescription drug information including SIGs, package inserts, med guides and warnings. This is particularly beneficial for patients who have difficulty understanding printed media, cannot read a printed label or are overwhelmed by the amount of information that comes with Schedule II through V medications.

  • Clearly identifies a medication as a controlled substance and provides a safety video to help ensure compliance and adherence

  • Distinct label alerts the patient to use extra caution when taking the medication

  • Scan of the label’s QR code instantly plays a brief safety video, detailing safety tips and warnings in a quick and easy-to-understand audio and visual format

Controlled Substance Safety Label, in a booklet format, is affixed to a prescription bottle

Software/Hardware Features:

  • Windows Compatible Software -
    v1903 (19H1) and higher

  • Fast Production and Verification

  • Small Hardware Footprint

  • Direct Thermal Printing

  • Fold Label into Booklet and Attach to Prescription Bottle

Scan this QR code to View the Controlled Substance Safety Label Video about Medication Compliance and adherence

Give it a try!

Use your phone to scan the QR code featured on the Controlled Substance Safety Label. A brief safety video detailing drug instructions and warnings will play in your browser.

No phone? No Problem.

View the video here.

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