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ScriptAbility Announces Integration with McKesson Corporation LLC’s EnterpriseRx®

PALMETTO, Fla. — ScriptAbility is now integrated with McKesson Corporation LLC’s EnterpriseRx®. This arrangement allows EnterpriseRx® pharmacy clients to help ensure medication adherence and safety by providing accessible prescription labels for their patients who are visually impaired or have limited English proficiency.

ScriptAbility is an accessible labeling solution founded by En-Vision America. It allows pharmacists to provide their patients with ScripTalk Talking Labels, ScriptView Large Print Labels, Dual Language/Translated Labels, Braille Labels and Controlled Substance Safety Labels (CSSLs).

Through this integration, pharmacists who use EnterpriseRx® can pre-populate the patient information into the ScriptAbility labelling software using a barcode scan and then print the accessible label that suits their patient’s needs.

“We applaud McKesson for facilitating this important linkage with ScriptAbility,” says David Raistrick of En-Vision America. “Each patient is unique, and their labeling needs vary. With this integration, McKesson helps to ensure that the software can provide more effective and safer access to medication information.”

“We continue to look for new ways to advance the entire landscape of pharmacy technology, which includes fostering a healthcare environment that prioritizes inclusivity and patient safety” says Maureen Meyer, Vice President of Product Management at McKesson.

About En-Vision America/ScriptAbility

Located in Palmetto, Florida, En-Vision America has been leveraging the latest technology to support individuals with visual impairments and language barriers for more than 25 years. This includes the development of a full suite of accessible prescription labels. Originally founded by Philip C. and David B. Raistrick in 1996, the cornerstone of the company is based upon one single premise — to provide customers with greater independence and access to information through technology. Visit for more information.

About McKesson Corporation

McKesson Corporation is a diversified healthcare services leader dedicated to advancing health outcomes for patients everywhere. Our teams partner with biopharma companies, care providers, pharmacies, manufacturers, governments, and others to deliver insights, products and services to help make quality care more accessible and affordable. Learn more about how McKesson Corporation is impacting virtually every aspect of healthcare at and read Our Stories.

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