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ScripTalk® Study Results

Medication Errors of Visually Impaired Patients: Before and After Use of ScripTalk

To get a deeper dive and statistical evidence as to how much ScripTalk can help individuals who are visually impaired with medication safety, En-Vision America commissioned an independent study to be done with ScripTalk patients.

The study results show that while 35 percent of ScripTalk users reported experiencing a medication error prior to using ScripTalk, no one experienced a medication error related to mixing up medications or taking the wrong medication/dosage since using ScripTalk.

In fact, almost all study participants (98%) reported feeling safer taking their medications since using ScripTalk.

Just under two-thirds (62%) of those questioned said they feel safer because they know they are taking the right medication/dosage.

And more than one-third (37%) of respondents said they feel safer taking their medications because ScripTalk reads them all the information they need to ensure they are taking the right medication.

Issues & Answers Network, Inc. working under the guidance of a certified Institutional Review Board (IRB), conducted the study among ScripTalk users. The goal was to evaluate how well ScripTalk supports users in staying safe and independent while administering medications.

ScripTalk Talking Prescription Reader and Bottle


“ScripTalk tells me exactly what medication I have in my hand at that time and if it's the one I need to take. I was afraid to take my medication before ScripTalk. It has helped me a lot and I love it.”

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