ScriptView Study Results

Why Use Large Print Prescription Labels? 100% of Individuals Who Are Visually Impaired Say They Work!

The results of a recent ScriptView study are clear: Individuals who are visually impaired are using these large print, booklet-style labels to feel safer and more independent.

Two key study conclusions:

  • 100% of participants said they feel safer with ScriptView on their prescription labels.

  • 99% of respondents feel ScriptView labels increase their independence while administering their own medications.

​The ScriptView Customer Satisfaction Survey also discovered that many respondents liked how the ScriptView label mimicked the pharmacy label, but made the medication instructions much easier to see and read.

All ScriptView Customer Satisfaction Survey participants were selected randomly from a sample of 794 current ScriptView users.



"I love the large print labels and that I can easily read them."

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